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Payroll Giving Donation Form
To set up a donation from your pay to your chosen charity/ies, complete this form and press the submit button. All of the information is required to successfully process your request. If you do not provide all the correct information then there may be delays in your donation.


Q. What makes Payroll Giving so easy?

A. You only need to complete a single form to start your donation; everything else is done for you.

Q. Is Payroll Giving tax efficient?

A. Yes, your donation comes straight from your pay before income tax, which means the charity gets the benefit of the tax straight away. Example of how much a donation actually costs you:

Employee Pledges Cost to Standard
Rate Taxpayer
Cost to Higher
Rate Taxpayer
Cost to Super
Rate Taxpayer
£7.50 per month £6.00 £4.50 £4.13
£10.00 per month £8.00 £6.00 £5.50
£15.00 per month £12.00 £9.00 £8.25
£20.00 per month £16.00 £12.00 £11.00

Q. Can I give to more than one charity?

A. Yes, you can add several charities to this form and you can always complete a second form should you need to.

Q. What happens next?

A. Once deducted from your salary, your donation will be passed in full to the HM Revenue & Customs approved agency your employer is contracted with who is responsible for disbursing monies to the relevant beneficiaries per your instructions. At this stage, there is a small fee payable dependent on the agency (the agency receives this, not StC Payroll Giving - details available on request). In many cases your employer will cover the cost.

Q. Is it easy to cancel my donation?

A. Yes, just contact your payroll department and they will be happy to stop the deductions.

Q. What if I have more questions about my donation?

A. Call our team on 01227 361 960 or email

Q. What is a CAF Charity Account?

A. CAF Charity Account, allows you to put money aside to donate to any charity, allowing flexibility to establish standing orders, to direct your donations to your chosen charity along with the ability to make one off payments. You can decide how and when you choose to support the causes you care about, for example making a one-off donation to a major emergency or making regular donations to help charities close to you. Open a CAF Charity Account with a minimum of £10 each month for one year, or a one-off payment of £100.

Q. Are there any administration fees?

A. Yes.
Some employers will pay the administration fee on your behalf - please check directly with your employer if they offer this.
if not the administration fee will be taken off your donation by the agency that processes your donation, the amount taken varies between agencies:
Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) deduct 4% of your donation per pay period.
Charities Trust (CT) and Charitable Giving (CG) deduct 25p per month per donor per month.
Please check with your employer which agency they use, or contact us on 01227 361960 and we may be able to find out for you.

Donate by Hour
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Personal Details
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Employment Details
* To process your donation you must provide details of how to contact your employer and also either a Payroll Number OR a National Insurance Number. If you are able to provide both then there is less chance that your donation will be delayed.
Disclosure Statement

STC Disclosure Statement July 2020

StC Payroll Giving, company registration number: 04641570, is a professional fundraising organisation.

Our services to all involved in the setup and ongoing administration of your Payroll Giving donation are varied and far-reaching, however only if support is generated from our work, are we paid a one-off‑ fee by the charities we represent.

Please visit for the full list of charities we represent.

Our fundraisers are paid by StC Payroll Giving. We estimate that our annual remuneration this year (2020/21) will be in the region of £365,000 for a projected income of £3,102,500, which will be proportionately shared (in accordance with donations made) by the circa 175 charities we are contracted to and other non-client charities. The average life of a Payroll Giver is reported to be 8.5 years.

Safeguarding your personal data

The personal data supplied on this form will be used to enable your donation to reach your chosen charity/charities.

Your personal data will be shared with your chosen charity(s) to the extent necessary to allow them to match your donation with the personal data held about you. Your personal data will also be shared with your employer (and their payroll/flexible benefits agents, if any) and the relevant Payroll Giving Agency in order to facilitate your donation.

You may be contacted in the event of a specific query needed to resolve the processing of your data for these purposes.

Some charities use a Third Party for support services, with whom they are contracted, and with whom they may share your data for processing purposes. To view your chosen charity’s privacy statement, please visit their website. 

Opting in to receive charity marketing communications means you can see how your chosen charity(ies) use your donations to help provide their services. “Marketing” consists of any communication which promotes a charity or its values, so could be anything from a newsletter to a specific appeal. 

Using the boxes below, please indicate which channels your charity may use to send you marketing. 

Ticking as many boxes as possible gives your charity the option of choosing which way works best for them. 

Please note that you can change your contact preferences at any time by contacting the charity.

We will never share your details without consent.
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Our full Donor Privacy Policy is detailed at
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